Creating light and business opportunities.

As Europe’s leading manufacturer of innovative work lights, SCANGRIP provides the strongest and most comprehensive range of lighting solutions on the market.


We act on good ideas. Immediately.
Your challenges and needs inspire us to try new and think new. Being owner-operated means that decisions can be made very quickly. In this way, we are always two steps ahead when it comes to developing new and innovative LED work lights. 

E.g., the invention of the world’s first combined rechargeable and cabled power supply system for work lights (DUAL SYSTEM 2in1) shows our ability to create innovative solutions.


We push the boundaries. Constantly.
The LED and battery technology are constantly evolving, and due to our distinctive strength, we can take advantage of these multiple technological opportunities. We strive for perfection, and are continuously optimizing and improving light output, operation time, and durability.

E.g., we were the first to develop a floodlight based on COB LED which is now standard all over the market.


We create great solutions. Always.
We have the ability to transform input from the market into practical lighting solutions. An elevated degree of functionality is always incorporated into our lighting solutions, and we are continuously optimizing design, ergonomics and user-friendliness to fit the rough and demanding work environments.

E.g., we developed the I-VIEW headlamp with a sensor function and COB LED that lights up the entire field of view because we saw the need for handsfree, improved work light illumination.

We make it happen. Fast.
All product design and development are carried out in Denmark. And because everything is manufactured at our own facilities in Denmark and China, we keep a firm grip on the quality and logistic challenges. We embrace and fully control all steps from idea to market at tremendous speed.