SCANGRIP is the story of a remarkable transformation from a local blacksmith to Europe’s leading manufacturer of innovative LED work lights for professionals.

We provide the strongest and most comprehensive ranges of LED work lights that are extremely powerful, durable, functional, user-friendly, and designed to fit the professional users’ needs.

SCANGRIP was established in 1906 and has an impressive history of craftsmanship, innovation, and technological advancement.

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Creating LED lights. To improve your workday.

What is your challenge? This is our approach in everything we do. Your challenges and needs constantly inspire us to push the boundaries and create new cutting-edge work lights.

We want to be a first mover and aim at setting new standards for professional work lights. Therefore, an innovative approach, advanced technology and an elevated degree of functionality are always incorporated into our lighting solutions. These three elements form the cornerstones of the company – this is also known as "the SCANGRIP way". We always reach for that extra brightness, that extra operation time, those little touches that make a real difference when you need the best work light you can get.

We create work lights of the future that are extremely durable and made for work. With a SCANGRIP work light, you will have a true companion for many years.

As part of Hultafors Group, we will continue our extraordinary journey and grow as a company. Together, we are on a mission to create a better day for professional users.

We have strong roots. Since 1906.

It all started in 1906. Back then Valdemar Jensen established a small, local blacksmith on the small island ”Tåsinge” in Denmark. The blacksmith later developed into a tool manufacturer achieving great success with the invention of the one-hand operated locking clamp – later known worldwide as the popular blue SCANGRIP-pliers.

Anders Borring acquired the company in 1993. Over a period, he had been looking into the challenges that modern automotive workshops were facing. He noticed that mechanics were using traditional cabled fluorescent lamps. The technology was outdated, the solutions were fragile, and the mechanics were struggling to get the optimal work light. “There is room for improvement”, he thought.

With a passion and fascination for LED lighting and its possibilities, he saw a need for more flexible and user-friendly work light solutions. When SCANGRIP introduced its first LED work light for the professional market, it was a decision that led to a remarkable growth and today, SCANGRIP is Europe’s leading manufacturer of LED work lights for professionals.

In 2021, SCANGRIP became a part of Hultafors Group - a global company offering a unique portfolio of premium brands within personal protection, tools, and other equipment for discerning craftsmen.

Just like SCANGRIP, Hultafors has a long history of innovation and high-quality products for example the iconic folding rule.

To develop. And set new standards.

Since we introduced the first LED work light, we have achieved enormous success with our ranges of durable and functional lighting solutions.

We were the first to develop a floodlight based on COB LED which is now standard all over the market. When it comes to developing new and innovative LED work lights, we are always to steps ahead. Read more about all our inventions here.


All product design and development are carried out in Denmark by our dedicated teams.


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