Upgraded I-MATCH 3 headlamp

Taking advantage of the latest LED technology, I-MATCH 3 has been upgraded in terms of lumen output, functionality and design providing endless applications.
Upgraded I-MATCH 3 headlamp

The I-MATCH headlamp is an essential work light with a wide appeal and endless applications. Compared to the previous model, the light output has been increased by more than 55% providing powerful illumination that lightens up your entire field of view.

Featuring stepless dimmer function and ALL DAYLIGHT function, you can customize the light to the specific job by adjusting the light output or choose between 5 different color temperatures ranging from 2500K to 6500K.

The SCANGRIP POWERBANK 03.5782 can be added for increased operation time. Simply attach the power bank to the head band via the enclosed flexible clip holder and connect the cable to the headlamp.

The I-MATCH headlamp is the ultimate tool providing hands-free illumination for any job.