We have teamed up with detailer Larry Kosilla (AMMO NYC) to offer two custom-designed work lights for the detailing community.

We have partnered up with one of the most well-known detailers in the world, Larry Kosilla also known as AMMO NYC, to offer two custom-designed work lights for the detailing community.

Every week, you can follow a new episode of Larry Kosilla's work on the leading detailing channel on YouTube, AMMO NYC. He details cars, including classic cars and modern supercars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, etc. He is an expert in his field and has, among other things, detailed cars for participation in the annual Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in California. Besides creating professional videos for his YouTube channel, he also hosts a podcast, and sells products and equipment for detailing on

Larry is a long-time user of SCANGRIP color match lights and knows the importance of using the right work light when doing inspections, cleaning, paint correction, etc. Our specialized work lights feature high CRI value and multiple color temperatures, enabling you to detect every little scratch, swirl, pinhole mark, or defects on a vehicle.

We have partnered to offer two special custom-designed AMMO REVEAL work lights for the detailing community. The AMMO REVEAL COLOR MATCH PEN LIGHT is a paint inspection tool featuring laser etched AMMO script on durable aluminum hardware. It provides 100 lumen, features a concentrated focus function from 10° to 70° and has an ergonomic design. The AMMO REVEAL MINIMATCH WORK LIGHT is a small portable freestanding light with a 200 lumen output and two color temperature settings. Its comfortable ergonomic design, along with the added functionality of a built-in magnet, belt clip, and hook, enhances its usability for everyday use.


With these two work lights, you not only get a different and cool design, but you are also well-equipped to reveal any imperfections and increase the quality and finish of your work. 

“AMMO first collaborated with SCANGRIP on the bay lighting of my dream detailing studio which came out amazing. When the opportunity came to develop our Reveal Inspection Lights, it was natural to choose SCANGRIP's proven lighting technology for my professional line. The inspection process is a critical part of detailing and paint correction, so working again with SCANGRIP to realize AMMO design on these tools was an exceptional experience,” says Larry Kosilla.

The two AMMO REVEAL work lights can be purchased at