SCANGRIP is first-mover when it comes to taking advantage of new technology to develop high quality, efficient and durable work lights.

Even when we started making work lights a long time ago, we worked with high-efficient, energy-saving LEDs – and today all our lighting solutions are developed to be energy saving, built-to-last and with a long lifetime. 

This is what we call GO GREEN.

Energy Saving

Using work lights with energy-saving LEDs compared to traditional fluorescent and halogen work lights have a significant impact on the power consumption. In fact, halogen lamps use 6 times as much power as SCANGRIP LED products, while fluorescent lamps use twice as much power*.

SCANGRIP uses the latest LED technology to ensure the highest energy efficiency possible. Whether you compare energy efficiency with traditional technologies or other LED products, you can save energy by choosing a SCANGRIP work light and move towards a greener work environment.


The energy efficiency of lighting is measured in lumens per watt and describes how much visible light you get compared to the amount of electricity consumed. Our measurements are based on the LED light source according to specifications from the supplier. We call it LED PERFORMANCE. This figure indicates the actual light output of the LED in a SCANGRIP work light and we aim for the highest number to achieve less power consumption compared to other solutions on the market.

Long Lifetime

At SCANGRIP, we are dedicated to the design and feel of our products and determined to develop high-quality work lights that are extremely durable and made to do the job again and again. Every detail, from the smallest and invisible components inside the work lights to the exterior design, is carefully thought out to ensure the highest possible quality across all product lines. SCANGRIP’s LED drivers, for instance, are highly efficient, properly dimensioned and constructed by high-quality components, and so are the batteries.

Every SCANGRIP work light is manufactured at our own factories and subject to strict quality controls. Our lights meet the highest quality standards and are built to last. They are so good that we offer a warranty extension. All SCANGRIP work lights come with a 3-year warranty. Because we stand by the products we offer.

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A Better Choice For The Climate

Choosing a SCANGRIP work light is a choice in a greener direction where energy is saved on an everyday basis through low power consumption. It is also a choice that puts a stop to the buy-and-throw away mentality, which has been dominant in many industries for a long time. Besides energy-saving LEDs and high durability, a number of SCANGRIP work lights also feature unique functionalities that can help reducing unnecessary energy consumption in the everyday use. The stepless dimmer function enables you to adjust the light output to just the amount of light necessary to do the job without compromising the maximum performance when needed. By using APP control, you can also easily adjust the light output on work lights positioned out of reach, for example on a tripod, and turn off the lights when leaving the work site. 

* these figures are based on the actual power consumption with typical losses taken into account and are average considerations.



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